Agricultural Drainage Systems


Our fully GPS controlled, licensed self-propelled Bron drainage plows with on-board reel attachment efficiently install plastic drainage tile up to 15” diameter. Each drainage plow also has a disc attachment to level runs on the go.


Once an initial free quote is approved, a GPS survey is completed on the land.  This survey provides valuable information on acreage, elevations and potential outlets.  With the information from the survey a 3-D topographical image can be produced to better show the flow of the land.   The information is also used to strategically design the anticipated drainage system with quality, economy and efficiency in mind.


We pride ourselves in having highly motivated, licensed and trained employees. We have several employees who have completed the Advanced Drainage Course, apprenticed for at least 500 hours and passed a field test by a Drainage Inspector to hold a “Class A” license to install drainage tile.  We urge our employees to seek additional training in areas such as GPS systems, controlled drainage, and erosion control. 


We provide a complete agricultural drainage service from survey to installation to repairs and maintenance and stand behind our workmanship 100%

Tile Drain Loan information is available upon request!


Benefits of Systematic Tile Drainage Systems


-increased yields, planting options and heat units 

-extended time frame for planting and harvesting 

-reduced compaction and damaging of the soil structure 

-improved soil health by reducing nutrient losses

-reduced surface run-off by allowing more surface water to infiltrate the soil

Erosion Control

With extreme weather patterns becoming more regular in mid-western Ontario, the need for new water management systems are increasing.  Surface erosion is a significant problem in areas that receive substantial rainfall amounts in short time periods.  With proper excavation and plantation, we can control surface run-off to reduce erosion problems.

Excavating Services


Our excavating machines provide accurate and efficient service for all your excavation needs. Examples of projects include berm development, fence line clean up, open ditch clean out, locating existing drainage systems, investigating problem areas and sample soil tests.


Licensed Septic System Installation

We offer complete septic system designs and installation for our rural clients.


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